NEW IN 2023

Series participation fees will not be increased

Although almost all services and products have become more expensive over the last year, the registration fees on Filter Road Cup on this season remain exactly the same as they were last season.

Changes in distances

In the 2023 season, we will continue the series with three different distances and bring back the long, short and youth races.

The long race is a distance aimed at strong recreational athletes and top athletes in their home country. In this distance, the average speed is usually higher than 43 km/h, which is why it is not suitable for beginners and recreational athletes with modest preparation.

A short race is a real treat for a recreational athlete, where you can compete or enjoy a road race over a distance of nearly 50 kilometers.

Youth racing is intended for our future talents, competitors in the age groups M/N-U13, M/N-U15 and N-U17.

More laps

In the Filter Road Cup series, you can compete now on shorter laps, but you have to do more laps. When competing on a short race, you need three laps on average in each stage, six on a long race.

New race track

The 2023 season of the series starts with a new and interesting race track in Heimtali in Viljandimaa.