Estonia's most high-spirited running festival!

This is the main race of E-Lux Peetri Jooks and the most popular one. There will be timekeeping, rankings and awards for the best, but enjoying the race at a slower pace is perfectly fine as well. There are 10 entertainment and refreshment points on the track - one every 450 metres! There's bands, DJs, dancers, cheering volunteers and others!

If you've trained even a little, or are just an active and daring person, 10 km won't be too hard for you. Especially when it feels like running around a music festival with bands, dancers and other entertaining surprises everywhere!

If you've trained a bit more, the 10 km race is perfect for setting your new personal record, as the track has been officially measured and is very fast!

PS! To prevent any injuries and joint problems in children, participants of the 10 km race must be at least 16 years of age. Younger children are only allowed to participate with written permission from a parent or guardian.

Every 10 km race participant will receive a medal and prize buffet and is guaranteed to have an emotion-filled day! #FeelLikeAWinner #TunneEnnastVõitjana