The first step towards victories!

The youth run is the race for boys and girls born 2006-2013. It is a competitive race with timekeeping, rankings and awards. If you're young, but have outgrown the children's races and feel like you want to put your abilities to the test, this is the race for you!

To keep the competition fair age-wise, participants will be divided into four groups based on the year of birth. If you don't fit into the last group, but still really want to participate and are fit enough to do so, a parent's written permission is required. 

• P (boys) and T (girls) Class A, born 2006-2007
• P and T Class B, born 2008-2009
• P and T Class C, born 2010-2011
• P and T Class D, born 2012-2013

There are 10 encouragement and entertainment points on the track - one every 450 metres! There's bands, DJs, dancers, cheering volunteers and more!

Every 5 km youth race participant will receive a medal and prize buffet and is guaranteed to have an emotion-filled day! #FeelLikeAWinner #TunneEnnastVõitjana