Distance: 10km

Everybody can do it! A recreational race where participation matters more than shiny prizes!

The folk race is aimed at less experienced skating enthusiasts whose goal isn't to compete but to discover the excitement of inline skating with friends, family members or new skating buddies on a safe track. It's a fun chance to skate with your friend group or bring your kids to the race. Everyone is welcome to the folk race, from beginners to more experienced skaters. All that matters is that you enjoy the skating, the company and the whole event! The folk race isn't actually a competition and there are no medals, but all folk racers will get to exchange thoughts over some soup and refreshing drinks. The folk race distance is short enough to be finished in about 45 minutes at a speed of 15 km/h. If you've already done the folk race a couple of times, the half marathon might seem like an exciting challenge.