Kullapada is an awards programme for those who have finished every race in the series.
How do I participate?
To participate, you must finish all six Filter Time Trial races in the same sport - either running or cycling. Only successfully finished races will count. This means that if you registered for the race but did not participate or finish, you are not eligible for a Kullapada award. Participating in a mix of running and cycling races also will not qualify here.
Does everybody get a prize?
Getting a prize depends on your luck. We cannot currently guarantee prizes for every single Kullapada participant. However, all participants have an equal chance to win. 
Do I get two entries if I participated in both series?
No - even if a participant has finished all runs as well as cycling races in the Filter Time Trial series, they will still only get one entry.
When is the award ceremony?
The Kullapada award ceremony will take place together with the Filter Series award ceremonies after the end of the season. Being present at the ceremony is required in order to receive the award. If the participant cannot attend, their coach or representative may receive the award, but no awards will be given out at a later date.