New in 2023 season

Shorter distances for young participants

For young people in the age groups M/N-U13/15, we keep track lengths up to 15 kilometers this season. To do this, we bring the finish to a turning point in stages with longer distances. If the length of the full course is less than 15 kilometers, then on these occasions (on Saku and Viimsi) you have to compete in the return direction as well.

In Ääsmäe time trial in teams

This season, the Filter Time Trial Cup has individual starts, pair starts and new team starts, where teams of up to three people compete. Find two good co-starters and test your teamwork on the longest distance of this season, 30 kilometers. If you can't find suitable partners, you can still start alone or in pairs.

Series participation fees will not be increased

Although almost all services and products have become more expensive over the last year, the registration fees on Filter Time Trial Cup on this season remain exactly the same as they were last season.

Discount for participating in both distances

Make your tempo day more versatile and participate in both distances of the Filter Time Trial Cup stages. By registering same time for both cycling and running distance at the same stage, the registration fee for your running distance is half cheaper.

Change of starting order of runners

This season we are making the starting order for runners more interesting. Even-numbered stages have the starting order from fastest to slowest, odd-numbered stages have the opposite.

New race trail

In every year there has been new location in the series and this year is no different. We will introduce new Saku race trail where this season opening stage will be held.